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October 14, 2010

quick & easy – finding the healthiest products for your child

Looking for a simple way to quickly locate the healthiest infant and children’s products on the market?

The best resource is the “Healthy Stuff” database, run by the Michigan based non profit The Ecology Center.  It is a great shopping tool that includes product reviews on over 5,000 items, screening for chemicals of concern to human health & our environment.

Here are some of the key links from their site:

April 12, 2010

who is keeping our kids safe?

We at Q Collection Junior have long worked to draw attention to the need to overhaul how toxic chemicals used around children are regulated in the US.  The tide seems to be gradually moving in the right direction but just last week another news story was out that made the need that much more urgent.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was reprimanded by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) for failing to keep kids safe from toxic chemicals.  You can read a full article from USA Today here.

Thankfully legislation is in the works to reform our current regulatory system.  Senator Frank Lautenberg is leading the charge.  We will continue to follow this and keep you informed.

In the meantime, organizations to follow that are on the front lines: